Public Meeting Series #2 Recap

From May 28 – June 1, 2019, a series of input meetings were held to present and seek feedback on proposed city-wide land use and development maps and concepts. Future development maps inform the type, form, and pattern that future development and roadways will take and is a core consideration of the Elevate Las Cruces Comprehensive Plan. Three public workshops were held and an informational booth was located at the Farmers and Craft Market in downtown Las Cruces. The open house overview presentation can be viewed here and the open house boards can be viewed here.

During this same time period, a multi-day design workshop also occurred as part of the Elevate Las Cruces Comprehensive Plan. The design workshop explored how building and site design features can affect the character of development in new and revitalizing areas of Las Cruces. Residents, property owners, and business owners were invited to participate in several input opportunities, including a hands-on design session, stakeholder listening sessions, open studio time, and a “work-in-progress” presentation. Over the course of a week, the Elevate Las Cruces project team developed ideas to revitalize and enhance the Mesilla Valley Mall, downtown, and key corridors, and developed concepts for a new neighborhood in the East Mesa. The design ideas generated for these “demonstration sites” will be incorporated into the Elevate Las Cruces Comprehensive Plan. The concluding design workshop presentation can be viewed here.

Elevate Las Cruces – Comprehensive Plan Summarized:
The project team gives an overview of how these design concepts will be integrated into the overall comprehensive plan process.

Elevate Las Cruces – Design Workshop Summary:
The project team describes the events that took place during the week that led to the development of the demonstration site concepts. The five big ideas generated from the week are: 1) To continue to make downtown a vibrant & multi-generational place; 2) To create great spaces with new development; 3) To make streets that are safe and comfortable for walking and biking; 4) To increase access to nature and build sustainably; and, 5) To make Las Cruces a prosperous yet affordable city.

Elevate Las Cruces – The Future of Las Cruces Development:
The project team discusses big ideas for enhancing quality of life as Las Cruces matures.

Elevate Las Cruces – A Possible Future: Mesa Grande Demonstration Site:

The first demonstration site looks at vacant land near Oñate High School in the East Mesa. The concept presents a ‘complete neighborhood’ that incorporates open space, a neighborhood center, walkable streets, and trails.

Elevate Las Cruces – A Possible Future: Mesilla Valley Mall Demonstration Site:

The second demonstration site focuses on transforming Mesilla Valley Mall over time. The concept shows how the area around the mall could be filled in with supporting uses and eventually evolve into a major town center.

Elevate Las Cruces – What if Telshor changed?:
The next demonstration site presents options of how Telshor Boulevard near the Mall could be redesigned to better accommodate cyclists, pedestrians, and transit.

Elevate Las Cruces – Health and Sustainability:
The project team discusses the importance of creating a healthy environment through safe bicycle and pedestrian connections.

Elevate Las Cruces – A Downtown restaurant, Children’s Museum, or Children’s library?:
The project team presents a concept of how an existing site in downtown could be transformed over time as either a restaurant, children’s museum, or children’s library.

Elevate Las Cruces – Downtown Las Cruces Design:
Design ideas for downtown are discussed, including less blank walls and more engaging storefronts.

Elevate Las Cruces – A Downtown Trolley and Parking Garage?:
Strategies to implement and fund large infrastructure projects for downtown are presented.

Elevate Las Cruces – Presentation Audience Polling:
The project team leads a series of polling questions asking about preferences for the ideas generated during the design workshop.

Elevate Las Cruces – Design Workshop Closing Remarks:

The project team concludes the presentation and discusses strategies for maintaining affordability and leveraging the artist culture in Las Cruces.

Watch the full video of the concluding workshop presentation here.

Weren’t able to make it to one of the open house meetings? Provide your feedback on similar topics via an online survey. This is the second survey as part of the Elevate Las Cruces Comprehensive Plan effort and will be available until August 5th.