Elevate Las Cruces is Available for Viewing

Drafts of Volumes I through IV of the Elevate Las Cruces Comprehensive Plan are available for public viewing. Elevate Las Cruces will be the community’s unified policy guide and action plan to enhance Las Crucens’ long-term prosperity and happiness over the next 20 years by building a city that is environmentally, fiscally, and socially sustainable. The Elevate Las Cruces planning process was initiated in the summer of 2018 and has been prepared under the oversight of a Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee (CPAC) appointed by the Mayor and City Council. The draft Plan’s recommended vision statement, goals, policies, and actions incorporate the input of thousands of Las Crucens through public meetings and open houses, and online surveys. Elevate Las Cruces is expected to be considered for adoption by the Las Cruces Mayor and City Council in early 2020.

Please view the draft documents here:

Volume I, Elevate Las Cruces (FINAL DRAFT 1.30.20). The Plan. Volume I includes the City’s vision, the future development map and future thoroughfare map. Volume I also includes an action plan for how the City and its partners will achieve the desired community vision through various policies, programs, and procedures.

Volume II, Community Profile (FINAL DRAFT 1.30.20). A data document. Volume II summarizes Las Cruces’ general characteristics, resources, and relevant planning initiatives, and serves as a compilation of baseline information that was incorporated into the Elevate Las Cruces planning process.

Volume III, Scenario Planning Initiative (FINAL DRAFT 1.30.20). A series of growth models. Volume III outlines the process used to generate a “preferred” scenario for future growth within and around Las Cruces.

Volume IV, Community Participation Program (FINAL DRAFT 1.30.20). A summary of community outreach and feedback.